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Paul Jones paul at pjitsolutions.co.uk
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John, yourself and Mel are making some very sweeping generalisations about the support available to Ubuntu users and the attitudes of the people providing the help. 

Peoples experiences of using Ubuntu I am sure will mirror users of Windows as well. Noones saying they can't be bothered to help but if you are posting on support forums and receiving no help then I'd suggest its either :

A.) You are posting in the wrong sections
B.) You aren't providing the required information. 
C.) People have never seen the problem you're experiencing. 
D.) Your manner isn't encouraging others to help you. 

I've been a user of support forums for years and have never had the issues you or Mel describe, I've asked questions on all manner of forums ranging from PC's to dishwashers to cats and never found a lack of people willing to help and point me in the right direction. 

I'd put money on it there are as many people with your point of view about the support they get from Microsoft but that doesn't mean there is a fundamental issue with the support, but clearly YOU aren't having a good experience. It seems to me peoples expectations are a little high with this sort of thing so maybe just maybe you need to be more receptive to the advice being given. 

I'm not saying that is the answer, just saying maybe, as the majority of people are able to find and get the help they need. 


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On 13/10/10 17:05, Roy Jamison wrote:
> Windows fanboys flame me, linux fanboys pat me on the back;)  lol
> I rest my case.

Sorry, this is verging on becoming abusive......

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