[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu/Linux is still not an OS for the masses - discuss

Paul Jones paul at pjitsolutions.co.uk
Wed Oct 13 16:46:41 BST 2010

 I cant comment on your experiences with getting support John, I've
always had positive experiences from getting support from forums for
both MS stuff and Linux, but I have never ever once, received a
working solution, or anything resembling proper help from Microsoft
themselves. There responses are usually very dismissive and unhelpful
to say the least.
I'm not trying to say you are wrong in your view, but I am trying to
say that the Windows support for example is in my opinion no better
than that of Linux. I'd personally class them as fairly equal.
I can usually find an answer to my issues whether they are MS or
Linux using the user forums and known documented issues. I certainly
wouldnt say Ubuntu support is lacking in anyway, in comparison to
other OS's.

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 On 13/10/10 16:35, Paul Jones wrote:
 > If you ask me (and I know noone did) there will ALWAYS be as many 
 > people claiming "it worked perfectly without any configuration at
 > as there are people who claim "it was a nightmare, I couldnt get
it to 
 > work and I couldnt get any help either" regardless of whether its 
 > Linux/Windows/ OSX etc. This debate rages in Car/Motorcycle forums
 > well that I'm part of as well with people almost fighting to claim

 > each side of the story.
 > The fact is there will always be good and bad examples of
 > with any "product", simple as that. I agree, feeling like you are
 > being helped enough by the Ubuntu community must be very
 > but considering how much we pay where I work for our Microsoft
 > Licensing the amount of help, or should I say lack of help we get
 > MS is shocking. Almost every fix I have ever implemented in my
 > 15yr IT career has come from forums and word of mouth, or just
 > old fault finding.
 > I could name many people who have installed Windows out of the box

 > with no issues, whatsoever, and many who have had an absolute 
 > nightmare. I'm sure the same goes for Ubuntu but in my opinion the

 > help and resources for help from Microsoft are no better than for 
 > Ubuntu/Linux so if you arent getting the answers you need, either
 > need to shout louder, or maybe you are asking in the wrong "forum"

 > (not literal).
 > Paul.

 Yeh, but what makes the difference, is the support. It can be a 
 nightmare, but if there is good support, and its not done in a way
 makes you feel like a idiot or worse, then it doesnt matter if its
 if you can get it fixed fine. To be told go else where, if you cant
 on, that really is good support.

 That is what makes something worth it or not.


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