[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu/Linux is still not an OS for the masses - discuss

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	Mel, I don’t know the answer to that, I assume yes its given out
to the masses at these events but lets be realistic, who goes to a
Linux event? Average everyday users? I kind of doubt it and I've never
seen these CD's being given out publicly in random places. 


	But on the subject of the Live CD, I'm no Linux expert as I've
stated, all my knowledge and experience is Windows based but with my
limited amount of Ubuntu experience going back to version 8.10. I have
NEVER experienced a problem booting from a Live CD on any machine of
any kind, be it old/new or laptop/desktop. As stated I've even booted
it in a VM and its always been fine. 


	If someone came to me with a copy of Windows 7 and told me it
wouldn’t boot to the install screen on 3 different machines, and on
a fourth it booted, installed but then wouldn’t boot, I'd be telling
them to get another copy of the CD. You’ve clearly used more than 1
CD as you've mentioned several versions but if this issue was that
common, the forums would be flooded with people unable to even boot
the Live CD, and the fact is (as far as I'm aware) this is not the


	I'm not suggesting its user error on your part or anything like that
but I have, and many of my friends and work colleagues have booted a
whole plethora of hardware up, from Linux Live CD's with no problems
at all....sure they have had other issues sometimes but your
experiences make it sound like the OS has major flaws, and from what I
can see from my own limited experience over the last few years, theres
nothing to justify that in my eyes 


	I cant say what is causing your issue, but I just don’t agree that
there is a fundamental flaw in these Live CD's which is a basic as a
video driver issue. If this were any other OS the forums would awash
with people demanding Microsoft or Apple etc do something about it.
The lack of this suggests, the majority of people (some of which will
be "the masses") are fine and have no problems booting off the Live


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 No one is addressing my point of the live CD.

 I dont doubt that once Ubuntu is working it may be less problem to 
 maintain, and less problem to use, but if you have to edit files at
 commandline to get there (read the answers to all the forum posts,
 is required for a lot of solutions - I'm not imagining it) you cant
 that on a live CD.

 Is it not the live CD that is given out at events/public places
 to get to the masses.

 I'm taking about the live CD, not having installed it,had it working

 then the driver getting stuffed up. Cant repair Xorg on a live cd.

 I've run the live cd on 4 differnet PCs, 3 gave me no usable
 one did. I installed on the one that did and after the restart the 
 installed copy didn't give me a usable desktop.

 I agree some problems never get answers, but until it is accept
 are problems they never will.

 Clearly the regulars on here (I have been following this list for a 
 while) will defend Ubuntu to the hilt, but if you want its use to
 someone need to accept there is a problem. I agree people want 
 something to work first time, but if it doesnt then it has to be
easy to 
 fix, they are not Linux experts like you. If you still are giving
 CDs out to the public then your wasting your time, first impression
 so much, and a bad one can set bad opinions for a long time.

 I will probably get it to work on one of my PCs eventually when I
 trawl the bug lists and forums for a solution, but my Win 7 on an
 XP2500+ and Nvidia 6800 that took less than an hour to setup is
 it will have to wait for some free time, but I am certain the cost
 the time taken to resolve it will exceed the cost of Win 7.

 All I wanted was to see Ubuntu 10.10 working on a PC.


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