[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu/Linux is still not an OS for the masses - discuss

Roy Jamison xteejyx at googlemail.com
Wed Oct 13 12:30:00 BST 2010

I think your best bet to get support on these machines is to:

1. Search http://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu for the graphics cards you
have in each machine, there may be a known problem with them, or they
may have a workaround. It may even be a really simple fix :)

2. If there is nothing relevant to your issue, create an account, file a
bug for each one, and from the machine you can run "apport-collect -p
linux BUGNUMBER" so it can upload all the hardware info we would need to
look into the problem - obviously run the command from the machine with
the problem and change BUGNUMBER for the bug number Launchpad gives you
for the report for that machine (bit of a mouthful)

I would've said use ubuntu-bug to file it but that needs access to
firefox, since the commandline web browser doesn't like the LP website,
and without X working it wouldn't be feasible.

Unless someone reports info like this to us, there isn't a lot we can do
to fix it. Canonical doesn't have access to a wide range of machines


Roy Jamison (xteejx)
Ubuntu Bug Squad
Ubuntu Bug Control

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