[ubuntu-uk] Banks and Ubuntu support for business users

michael ubuntu at bigmassiveheed.co.uk
Mon Oct 11 23:57:29 BST 2010

I had this problem once when I upgraded to a beta of the next version of 

The website refused to let me in due to the browser not being recognised 
and being a possible security issue.

One quick install of the User Agent Switcher plugin and pretending to be 
a different browser problem was solved.

Have had no problems recently with the banks but The Freemans mail order 
website has now decided to deny me use of the checkout facility even 
though it was fine last week.

Oh to live the life of a software outlaw in the eyes of businesses.


On 10/10/10 16:03, Bruno Girin wrote:
> Hi all,
> A quick question I'd like to put to the list. The business web site of
> my bank doesn't work with Firefox on Ubuntu anymore (it used to), even
> though it works fine with Firefox on Mac. A support query I filed
> resulted in an answer by email along the lines of "we don't support
> Linux".
> How would you address such an issue with your bank or any supplier you
> deal with to convince them that they have an interest in supporting your
> chosen technical solution?
> And, as a community, is there anything we could do to help institutions
> and businesses support our operating system of choice?
> Cheers,
> Bruno

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