[ubuntu-uk] Network Manager Problem (Xubuntu 10.4)

Neil Greenwood neil.greenwood.lug at gmail.com
Mon Oct 11 16:07:20 BST 2010

On 11 October 2010 11:08, Steve Fisher <xirconuk at gmail.com> wrote:
> On 10 October 2010 23:13, Nigel Verity <nigelverity at hotmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi Guys
>> I'm running Xubuntu 10.4. A couple of days ago I downloaded a routine
>> update which required a reboot to complete. After that I had no wireless
>> connectivity and no Network Manager applet (nm-applet) icon in the
>> notification area.
>> Following much experimentation I discovered I could get wi-fi and the
>> nm-applet icon as long as I started the process using the command line in a
>> terminal window, and kept that window open. As soon as I closed the window,
>> the wi-fi connection was lost, together with the icon. Fortunately, a cable
>> connection to my router continued to provide internet access, but with no
>> nm-applet icon.
>> Having run out of ideas, I created a new session at the login window.
>> Amazingly everything worked fine as long as I logged in using the new "Test"
>> session. The "Default" session still didn't work and that remains the case
>> now.
>> I now have a "Test" session that needs to be used all the time , and a
>> "Default" session that is broken. Does anybody know how I can delete the
>> current "Default" session and then rename the "Test" session to make that
>> the new default?
>> Although of less importance now, I'd be interested in any ideas as to the
>> fundamental cause of the problem in case it ever happens again.
>> Thanks and regards
>> Nige
> Do not use XFCE, but can you launch from alt+f2 run box or "nm-applett &" in
> a terminal, no quotes.  Look for somewhere to add it as a start-up item.

I think Steve is making a confession here (he doesn't use it), rather
than an order! :-)

Also, I think it's called 'nm-applet' with just 1 T.


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