[ubuntu-uk] IDE drive mounting ....

Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Mon Oct 11 11:27:56 BST 2010

Here's an interesting one for you.  I have a PC with a motherboard that
has 6xSATA ports and one IDE port.  I've put two SATA drives in plus an
IDE DVD-R drive and an IDE drive caddy (as slave and master) so I can
swap storage drives between three desktop pcs.

One of the SATA drives is Windows 2000.  When I boot this, it finds and
mounts all drives with no problem.

Ubuntu 10.10 finds all the drives OK but refuses to mount the IDE hard
drive saying it already has a drive mounted at the same mount point.
The only way I can mount the IDE drive is to put a line in /etc/fstab
that tells it to mount UUID=[UUID of the drive I'm going to use].  This
allows it to work just fine, but is a bit of a pain, as I have to
edit /etc/fstab before I re-boot with a different drive.  If it finds
the wrong drive, ubuntu hangs during the boot when it tries to mount the
drive that has gone!

Currently I have all the drives I want to swap (four in number)
in /etc/fstab so I comment out the ones that aren't there.

Any thoughts?

Regards,		Barry Drake.
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