[ubuntu-uk] Pages not loading in Ubuntu 10.10

Roy Jamison xteejyx at googlemail.com
Mon Oct 11 09:40:56 BST 2010

Actually if Pets at Home staff are anything to go by, I wouldn't exactly
expect their website to be any good.
Think..."mass breeding at the sibling level" with the rabbits and other
animals they sell. Most of them die within 2 years because of health
problems like cancer, deformations, etc.

Source: College teacher (part of syllabus)

On Mon, 2010-10-11 at 09:28 +0100, Sean Miller wrote:
> On 11 October 2010 07:58, Colin Law <clanlaw at googlemail.com> wrote:
> > It is not his own site, his initial question was worded slightly
> > ambiguously. He said that he 'had a page' that failed, but did not
> > mean that it was his own site.
> Ah, apologies... mis-read.
> > But you are right that the fundamental problem may be the invalid
> > html.  The new version of the renderer may be interpreting the html
> > differently.  The OP should contact the site admin and point out the
> > errors on the site.
> If the petsathome site is completely awful HTML then that's rather a
> sad reflection on their brand... who is to know whether the pet food
> is edible, the fish being sold healthy or the staff knowledgable if
> they can't be bothered to spend at least a few minutes on their
> website to ensure it renders in all browsers?
> Think I'll stick with Pampurred Pets... they don't really have a
> website to speak of, but at least it renders ;-)
> Sean

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