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John Stevenson john at jr0cket.com
Sat Oct 9 17:53:01 BST 2010

On 9 October 2010 16:10, Liam Proven <lproven at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 9 October 2010 15:04, John Stevenson <john at jr0cket.com> wrote:
> > Hello Alan,
> > Good reminder about pictures, I'll try take some tomorrow at the event I
> am
> > running - so long as I dont get too carried away playing with the new
> > netbook desktop... :-)
> Won't run on my Thinkpad X31. Something called Mutter continuously
> crashes & restarts the desktop every few seconds, making it extremely
> hard to do anything - such as file a bug report. But mind you, none of
> the reports of problems I filed with the previous netbook launcher on
> this machine were ever fixed, so I don't suppose this one will be
> either.
> John, remind me - where & when is the London do? Is it alongside the
> 42 day party at the Shooting Star?

Hello Liam,
I'll be at the Shooting Star on Sunday by 12 noon.  The 42 day party should
start from 3pm, assuming the ZZ9 people have a safe bus ride.

We will be in the main bar for the Ubuntu event and the 42day party will be
pub's downstairs function room from 3pm


Thank you
John Stevenson
Lean Agile Consultant / Coach
jr0cket.com  |  leanagilemachine.com
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