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Roy Jamison xteejyx at googlemail.com
Mon Oct 4 13:27:44 BST 2010

lol! Fonejacker springs to mind with a guy sitting in a box asking for
"monies Sir"...I wouldn't touch this with a barge pole! For the sake
of a few extra quid, you'd be better off sticking with a known
brand/seller. Western Union do not give back money for buyer/seller
mistakes like Paypal do - once the money's transferred that's it, no
bank to back you up (Fraud Prevention Team)
60% off is usually the "closing down clearance" type sale, but I don't
know any retailer that would hike the prices back up after a week if
they're selling their stock off... the mind boggles on this one...

If you want a cheap monitor, you can get a 21.6" TV from Tesco now for
£99, or maybe it was £119, and it can double as a monitor with the VGA
ports :) Failing that you could try Maplin, SVP or eBay for some
bargains...or even Freecycle/Freegle if you're not fussed about
picking up second-hand stuff from strangers houses for free ;)

Just a few suggestions :)

On Mon, Oct 4, 2010 at 1:05 PM, javadayaz <javadayaz at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> Many of you may know of my efforts to get a revo installed with ubuntu as a
> media centre for my living room....what do you make of this offer here?
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> Chat Transcript
> Visitor: javad
> Operator: Jessica Waynick
> Company: digital-switch.com
> Started: 4 Oct 2010 7:25:17
> Finished: 4 Oct 2010 7:47:40
> javad: on this item CODE: 0099802702922...what is the size of the monitor?
> * Welcome javad! Your request has been directed to the Technical Support
> department. Please wait for our operator to answer your call.
> * Call accepted by operator Jessica Waynick. Currently in room: Jessica
> Waynick, javad.
> Jessica Waynick: I am can only answer questions about return policy, payment
> methods and shipping. For this kind of questions, please use the contact
> form from the website and the guys from the sales department will answer.
> javad: sorry i thought this was the technical support department!!!
> javad: do you accept paypal or google checkout as payment methods?
> Jessica Waynick: From Oct/01/2010 to Oct/07/2010 we don't accept credit
> cards. This is an offer sponsored by Western Union, the prices are lower by
> 60% because of this, so the only payment method available is Western union
> wire transfer. After this time period, you can purchase by credit card, but
> also the prices are going to be much higher.
> javad: so i cant pay via my debit card?
> Jessica Waynick: no, you can't this week
> javad: but i can after the 7th of oct.?
> Jessica Waynick: Yes
> javad: after which prices will go up too?
> Jessica Waynick: yes, by 60%
> javad: so to take advantage of the 60% off offer i need to make western
> union transfer? where do i make the transfer to?
> Jessica Waynick: Please locate here
> http://www.westernunion.com/info/agentInquiryIntl.asp a Western Union agent
> near you. You will must have the money in cash and a valid ID with you.
> After the wire transfer is completed, please scan the copy of the Western
> Union receipt and send it by email at orders at digital-switch.com . You will
> also have to include in the email the following details: MTCN ( Money
> Transfer Control Number ) - 10 digits number from the payment receipt -
> Sender Name and Address - Receiver Name ( agent name ) - Amount Western
> Union has offered two sponsored payment options, one for its own advertising
> and brand awareness and the other for the Yele Haiti Organization. 1.You
> will send the payment by Western Union without disclosing the purpose of the
> transfer to the Western Union agent from where you are going to send the
> payment. It this case, you will only have to pay the reduced price of your
> order and you will receive with your items the book " Western Union At Your
> Service Since 1851". 2. If you will send the payment by Western Union and
> disclose the purpose of the transfer to the agent, you will have to pay the
> reduced price for your order plus a £250 fee as donation for the Yele Haiti,
> a non-political movement that has built global awareness for Haiti while
> helping to sustain the country through short-term emergency relief efforts
> and long-term programs.
> Jessica Waynick: You will have to order the items first
> Jessica Waynick: You will receive detailed payment instructions by email and
> also on your account.
> javad: this sounds like a really good offer
> javad: where in the uk are goods dispatched from?
> javad: can i pick them up personally
> javad: ?
> Jessica Waynick: We only ship the items, we are an internet based store,
> like many others. Local pick up it not an option.
> javad: do you support any other charities ?>
> Jessica Waynick: Not at the moment.
> javad: are you a man in africa trying to steal my money?
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> monitor?
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> Referrer: http://www.google.co.uk/products?q=acer
> revo&hl=en&show=dd&lnk=pruser&price1=100&price2=150
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