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Many of you may know of my efforts to get a revo installed with ubuntu as a
media centre for my living room....what do you make of this offer here?

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Chat Transcript

Visitor: javad
Operator: Jessica Waynick
Company: digital-switch.com
Started: 4 Oct 2010 7:25:17
Finished: 4 Oct 2010 7:47:40

javad: on this item CODE: 0099802702922...what is the size of the monitor?
* Welcome javad! Your request has been directed to the Technical Support
department. Please wait for our operator to answer your call.
* Call accepted by operator Jessica Waynick. Currently in room: Jessica
Waynick, javad.
Jessica Waynick: I am can only answer questions about return policy, payment
methods and shipping. For this kind of questions, please use the contact
form from the website and the guys from the sales department will answer.
javad: sorry i thought this was the technical support department!!!
javad: do you accept paypal or google checkout as payment methods?
Jessica Waynick: From Oct/01/2010 to Oct/07/2010 we don't accept credit
cards. This is an offer sponsored by Western Union, the prices are lower by
60% because of this, so the only payment method available is Western union
wire transfer. After this time period, you can purchase by credit card, but
also the prices are going to be much higher.
javad: so i cant pay via my debit card?
Jessica Waynick: no, you can't this week
javad: but i can after the 7th of oct.?
Jessica Waynick: Yes
javad: after which prices will go up too?
Jessica Waynick: yes, by 60%
javad: so to take advantage of the 60% off offer i need to make western
union transfer? where do i make the transfer to?
Jessica Waynick: Please locate here
http://www.westernunion.com/info/agentInquiryIntl.asp a Western Union agent
near you. You will must have the money in cash and a valid ID with you.
After the wire transfer is completed, please scan the copy of the Western
Union receipt and send it by email at orders at digital-switch.com . You will
also have to include in the email the following details: MTCN ( Money
Transfer Control Number ) - 10 digits number from the payment receipt -
Sender Name and Address - Receiver Name ( agent name ) - Amount Western
Union has offered two sponsored payment options, one for its own advertising
and brand awareness and the other for the Yele Haiti Organization. 1.You
will send the payment by Western Union without disclosing the purpose of the
transfer to the Western Union agent from where you are going to send the
payment. It this case, you will only have to pay the reduced price of your
order and you will receive with your items the book " Western Union At Your
Service Since 1851". 2. If you will send the payment by Western Union and
disclose the purpose of the transfer to the agent, you will have to pay the
reduced price for your order plus a £250 fee as donation for the Yele Haiti,
a non-political movement that has built global awareness for Haiti while
helping to sustain the country through short-term emergency relief efforts
and long-term programs.
Jessica Waynick: You will have to order the items first
Jessica Waynick: You will receive detailed payment instructions by email and
also on your account.
javad: this sounds like a really good offer
javad: where in the uk are goods dispatched from?
javad: can i pick them up personally
javad: ?
Jessica Waynick: We only ship the items, we are an internet based store,
like many others. Local pick up it not an option.
javad: do you support any other charities ?>
Jessica Waynick: Not at the moment.
javad: are you a man in africa trying to steal my money?

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