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javadayaz javadayaz at gmail.com
Sat Oct 2 17:01:49 BST 2010

Ok I don't know how relevant this is but bios is telling me the following..
Cpu temp 71c
System temp 34c

Is this normal?
> Ok so I'm experiencing something very strange...
> When I insert a ubuntu disk in the pc and wait for it to load..well I get
> the menu but then I can't select anything..its like as if the keyboard
> working...I then boot into bios..and then keyboard works again...
> I'm stumped
> On 2 Oct 2010 09:19, "Rob Beard" <rob at esdelle.co.uk> wrote:
>> On 01/10/10 22:44, Josh Holland wrote:
>> > If you suspect it's overheating, you could install the comp...
>> Might also be worth checking the BIOS after the machine shuts down, that
>> might give you some temperatures, and some BIOSes have warning alarms
>> when a certain temperature is reached which might help?
>> I'd also suggest maybe running a memtest. You can find memtest on the
>> Ubuntu CD, boot from the CD and select the option Test memory (or
>> something like that). Of course this might not explain why it's
>> suddenly turning off but you can diagnose if there are any memory errors
>> (if it's dusty inside and overheating then long term it could cause
>> components to fail).
>> If you clean the insides of your PC out I'd suggest getting a can of
>> compressed air (and maybe take it outside to blow out), it could also be
>> worth replacing the heatsink compound on the heatsink/CPU if you're
>> confident enough taking your PC apart that much. I find nail varnish
>> remover works great for removing heatsink compound and maybe use a bit
>> of Brasso to clean off the heatsink, or get some heatsink cleaning fluid
>> (you should be able to get some online or from your local PC World).
>> Good luck.
>> Rob
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