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John Stevenson john at jr0cket.com
Fri Oct 1 10:05:45 BST 2010

On 28 September 2010 15:58, Marco Gallotta <marco at gallotta.co.za> wrote:

> Hi there
> I'm a member of the ubuntu-za [1] community, but I'll be in London
> during the time of Maverick's release. I'm keen to attend your release
> party. Do you guys need any help, or are you all sorted?
> I've joined #ubuntu-uk as marcog.
> Marco
> [1] For the confuzzled ones, that's South Africa :)
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> Marco Gallotta
> MSc Student
> Department of Computer Science, University of Cape Town
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> marco-za.blogspot.com
> marco AT gallotta DOT co DOT za | 073 170 4444 | 021 552 2731
Hello Marco,
Last time I got quite a lot of people who were relatively new to Ubuntu, so
there were times I was overloaded with questions - and unlike Google I dont
have an answer for everything.

I'm sure that there will be quite a few questions about Maverick on the day
as well, so anyone who can answer questions or help people look things up on
the many Ubuntu resources would be most welcome.

Some of us will be joining in the Douglas Adams celebrations from 3pm, they
have some guest speakers coming along to talk about the world of Douglas
John Stevenson
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