[ubuntu-uk] PCI dialup modems ....

Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Tue Nov 30 16:36:17 GMT 2010

Hi there ....

On the odd occasion I have found it useful to have a dialup modem.  The
one I used to use (a USB modem) is a winmodem and very much in the
unsupported category.  I dug out a couple of old PCI modems and tried
those.  Both identify as supported 'Linmodems' using scanModem.  I got
the suggested package and installed hsfmodem from

This looked promising and recognised the modems - BUT the builtin
diagnostics tell me that the latest kernel I'm using doesn't support the
required module.

I take this to mean that it would mean compiling a custom kernel to make
use of what is now obviously cobwebby software and a couple of fairly
cobwebby bits of hardware.  Is there an easy way of adding what I need?
(Something silly like adding 'winmodem' to /etc/modules or would I be
better binning the old PCI winmodems and spending £8 or £9 on a
Linux-compatible USB modem?

Regards,		Barry.
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