[ubuntu-uk] Recommend a two hard drive dock

javadayaz javadayaz at gmail.com
Wed Nov 24 17:12:29 GMT 2010

Well the idea is to use the laptop as a main comp..and when ineed to stream
my data connect it to my laptop and then stream the data across.obv I will
look into the low power alternatives you have mentioned too...
On 24 Nov 2010 15:13, "Liam Proven" <lproven at gmail.com> wrote:
> On Wed, Nov 24, 2010 at 2:07 PM, javadayaz <javadayaz at gmail.com> wrote:
>> well this is what i want to do!
>> Buy a laptop.
>> reconnect my old hd's ( x2) to the laptop via the usb docks. Then using a
>> xbox360 downstairs stream my media downstairs through the docks!
>> If that makes sense.....
> If you want multiple drives, why do you want a laptop?
> Use a low-power desktop or a solid-state server like a GuruPlug or
> PogoPlug or something like that. But for 3½" HDDs you will need power
> supplies as well.
> Docks are for when you want to constantly remove and replace the
> disks. If they are meant to be permanently in use, put the drives into
> external enclosures.
> If I may say so, it sounds to me like you've not really thought this
> through or done any research at all. It's not hard to use Google or
> indeed Froogle - why are you asking other people to do it for you?
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