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Mon Nov 22 14:19:23 GMT 2010

Sorry to those of you who're on our mailing list and so will get this
twice - but is anyone around to help with the next open session on 3
Dec, 12-7pm. You don't have to be there for the whole thing (though that
would be nice) as it's a drop-in. It has been described as actual fun
and we now have a donated gas stove so we'll celebrate by mulling some
wine on it! Also welcome to bring lunch stuff and heat it up and we'll
provide some munchies too. 

Hope to see some of you there - if you can make it, can you drop me a
quick email (paula at fossbox.org.uk) or register at:
http://foss-dropin.eventbrite.com/ so I know who's coming? If anyone
wants to make a demo, presentation or quick 'how-to' on the projector,
let me know. This is the info that went out to the VCS: 

FOSS FRIDAY OPEN SESSION - 3 DECEMBER, 12-7PM at Fossbox Workshop: 

      * Merriment, mulled wine and mince pies! 
      * Bring your ailing Ubuntu laptops (or PCs) and volunteers will
        help you fix problems 
      * Find out more about Free Software for VCOs to use on Ubuntu or
        Windows and try it out 
      * Live demo of how to get to the Ubuntu-UK live help channel
      * Get Ubuntu CDs (£1) or FOSS-sticks with a selection of Free
        Software for Windows (£7 for 2GB stick) 

This is a regular, free event, first Friday of every month
NB: no FOSS Friday in January - starts again 4 February 2011
Detailed directions to workshop here:
Email us (info at fossbox.org.uk) if you want more info or to volunteer



Paula Graham, Director
Fossbox CIC, 46 Matilda House 
St Katharines Way, London E1W 1LG
paula at fossbox.org.uk
Tel: 020 7481 8479

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