[ubuntu-uk] Good morning and HELLO to all

looba lou loobalou005 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 15 07:12:33 GMT 2010

My name is Louis Millwood AKA Looba or Loobbalou as i go,im a 33 y.o male
from just outside Manchester.
Ive only been using Ubuntu  seriously for a 10 days and a week of that i was
off-line with HDD failure so realy only about a couple days.
So im still quite taken back with how it works and how much is available at
just a click or 2 of a mouse away.ITS AWSOME.
Ive got go a good knowledge base on computers and computing so im sure it
wont take me that loong, i am quite looking forward to challenge.
Ive started using linux as an OS because ive seen it as natural progression
the my learning of computers of which i am all self taught. i realy do want
make a big
push towards becoming a developer and realy taking full advantage of the
tools and people within the community. So i hope im going to an asset not
just to the uk development the over all progresion of Ubuntu.

Nice to get my 1st post up on the forum, am looking forward to meeting
working with you all im

thanks for reading my intro hope uve enjoyed and ill chat chow for now peeps
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