[ubuntu-uk] e-books without Adobe Digital Editions

richard rjs1064 at u.genie.co.uk
Tue Nov 9 19:53:51 GMT 2010

On 09/11/10 15:40, Neil Greenwood wrote:
> On 9 November 2010 13:13, pmgazz<pmgazz at gmx.co.uk>  wrote:
>> Most of all, I'd love to know how it is that digital book production and
>> distribution - which has to be much cheaper than print surely - wants £16
>> per copyrighted book when I can get a print copy physically mailed to me for
>> less than 25% of that price? Well, I mean, if you don't want people to steal
>> stuff . . .
>> Paula
> Most of the costs are not down to distribution and printing (think
> editing, marketing, copy-editing, artwork, etc., etc.). Also, there
> are economies of scale that bring the price of physical books down. So
> the actual differential is much smaller than you'd expect. There can
> also be differences in the contract with the author that affect the
> price of the digital copy.
> I agree that the example you quoted is extreme though. The price
> *should* be about the same.
> Cofion/Regards,
> Neil.
All the editing etc has to be done for the print copy anyway, and  an e 
book has none of the costs of physical book. Such as distribution, 
handling, printing, staffing the shop, pulping the ones that don't sell!
  E books should be considerably cheaper, only trouble is the book world 
is scared stiff of them.

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