[ubuntu-uk] e-books without Adobe Digital Editions

Neil Greenwood neil.greenwood.lug at gmail.com
Tue Nov 9 15:40:35 GMT 2010

On 9 November 2010 13:13, pmgazz <pmgazz at gmx.co.uk> wrote:
> Most of all, I'd love to know how it is that digital book production and
> distribution - which has to be much cheaper than print surely - wants £16
> per copyrighted book when I can get a print copy physically mailed to me for
> less than 25% of that price? Well, I mean, if you don't want people to steal
> stuff . . .
> Paula

Most of the costs are not down to distribution and printing (think
editing, marketing, copy-editing, artwork, etc., etc.). Also, there
are economies of scale that bring the price of physical books down. So
the actual differential is much smaller than you'd expect. There can
also be differences in the contract with the author that affect the
price of the digital copy.

I agree that the example you quoted is extreme though. The price
*should* be about the same.


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