[ubuntu-uk] Netbook launcher ....

Barry Drake bdrake at crosswire.org
Fri Nov 5 11:10:59 GMT 2010

Hi there ....

There has been a bug in the netbook launcher for quite a while now, and
no-one really seems interested in fixing it.  It occurs when you use the
2d launcher (show desktop-remix icons AND top panel menus).  When you
come out of several different applications and exit them, the launcher
has gone, leaving a plain desktop.  To get it back, you have to kill the
launcher which is still running, and re-launch the launcher.

I've just tied the following script to a hotkey (Windows key plus home).

killall netbook-launcher-efl

Just in case anyone out there is using the launcher in 2d mode.

Regards,		Barry Drake.
Sent from my Dell Netbook using Ubuntu - the window-free environment
that gives me real fresh air.

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