[ubuntu-uk] Clever tricks using vsftpd virtual users to have seperate permissisons

Simon Greenwood sfgreenwood at gmail.com
Thu Nov 4 17:36:45 GMT 2010

I believe that vsftpd is PAM aware so it will use any authentication method
that can use PAM so the obvious answer is to use something that can provide
authentication and access control lists, which would suggest LDAP to me. I
was looking at this recently and it seems to apply to virtual users, but
that's about as far as I got.


On 4 Nov 2010 15:21, "Matt Darcy" <ubuntu.lists at projecthugo.co.uk> wrote:

Hi Ubuntu uk,

This is tricky subject to summerize. I'm pretty confident there isn't a
solution to do what I want, but I need a sounding board, so your it.

I'm looking at using vsftpd as an open ftp daemon, utilising the virtual
user functionality so I don't have to use genuine /etc/passwd or shell
based accounts.

The issue I've got is that I need multiple users (no problem so far) to
then have different read/write access to different directories under the
ftp root.

The virtual users have no awareness or interaction with the Unix file
system permissions, nor do they respect them as they work through the
ftpd process owning account.

I'm looking at clever ways to do this such as a permissions schema
linking into mysql, but it's starting to get a bit over the top. I'm
confident this isn't possible but thought I'd throw it out to the list
to see if any of you have come up with clever solutions.



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