[ubuntu-uk] Clever tricks using vsftpd virtual users to have seperate permissisons

Glen Mehn glen.mehn at oba.co.uk
Thu Nov 4 15:28:12 GMT 2010

I've not set up an ftpd in some years, but you might look at pure-ftpd I 
believe that it allows you to map users to /etc/passwd entries (even if 
those entries have no login permissions) as well as specifying a 
different ftproot for different users.

It was also at the time one of the more secure ftpds. Your mileage may vary.



On 04/11/10 15:20, Matt Darcy wrote:
> Hi Ubuntu uk,
> This is tricky subject to summerize. I'm pretty confident there isn't a
> solution to do what I want, but I need a sounding board, so your it.
> I'm looking at using vsftpd as an open ftp daemon, utilising the virtual
> user functionality so I don't have to use genuine /etc/passwd or shell
> based accounts.
> The issue I've got is that I need multiple users (no problem so far) to
> then have different read/write access to different directories under the
> ftp root.
> The virtual users have no awareness or interaction with the Unix file
> system permissions, nor do they respect them as they work through the
> ftpd process owning account.
> I'm looking at clever ways to do this such as a permissions schema
> linking into mysql, but it's starting to get a bit over the top. I'm
> confident this isn't possible but thought I'd throw it out to the list
> to see if any of you have come up with clever solutions.
> Thanks,
> Matt

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