[ubuntu-uk] Is grandr the best way to use digital projector?

pmgazz pmgazz at gmx.co.uk
Thu Nov 4 14:19:13 GMT 2010

> Plug in the monitor then go to System>  Preferences>  Monitors (or
> Displays I think, dependent on Ubuntu version) then click Detect
> Monitors and it should then recognise it.
> Colin
Unless I'm missing something here (recovering from 'flu and groggy) this 
should be pretty straightforward. Some laptops and projectors do throw 
up problems but by and large you just attach the VGA and maybe reboot or 
re-login and you're away!

Agree, try it out half an hour before the audience arrives - and if you 
get really messed up problems, just borrow a laptop off someone there 
and have your presentation in pdf format on a USB key so it doesn't get 
mashed by converting to MS Office ;)

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