[ubuntu-uk] Does the OOo Enhanced Graphic Options extension work in Ubuntu 10.10?

Mark Harrison Mark at ascentium.co.uk
Mon Nov 1 12:12:26 GMT 2010

Hi all,

I'm hoping that someone can check whether a particular OOo extension works
in Ubuntu 10.10?

The reason I ask is twofold:

- I'm writing a HOWTO about making customised invitations that can be
printed at the local supermarket photo printer (by exporting as JPG)

- The extension that you need to do this at a decent resolution -
is known to have issues with some Java VMs, and there isn't obviously
list of which Linux distributions work "out of the box" with it.

I actually, because of the PC I had in front of me at the time, did this on
Windows XP... but clearly I'd like the HOWTO to mention Linux in general,
and Ubuntu in particular.


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