[ubuntu-uk] Is Ubuntu Getting Too Bloated?

Daniel M. Drummond dmdrummondx at gmail.com
Sat May 29 23:34:43 BST 2010

On Sat, 2010-05-29 at 23:20 +0100, Nigel Verity wrote:
> Hi
> I am inclinded to sympathise with Roachy's view. Apart from a very
> brief flirtation with Fedora I have nothing to compare Ubuntu with.
> However, I feel that the ideal approach for any distro should be to
> install the OS and management utilities from the live CD, then leave
> the rest to the choice of the user. There is no reason, of course, why
> the installation procedure should not present a list of recommended
> applications, from which the user can make a selection. It would
> enable the distro developers to concentrate on things like reliability
> and boot-time performance, rather than trying to squeeze the most
> applications possible into a 700MB ISO. This way anybody wanting a
> really light system can have one by default, but those users who want
> a large portfolio of applications can very easily get it. Surely,
> that's precisely the sort of choice that Linux is supposed to be
> about.
> Regards
> Nige

Who said Linux was "supposed to be about" choice?

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