[ubuntu-uk] Updating phone ROM was: HTC Phone connecting to Ubuntu

DaveGK davegk at gmail.com
Wed May 26 15:46:10 BST 2010

Alan Pope wrote:
> Indeed, I have an HTC Hero which up until very recently was running
> the HTC branded/modified Android 1.5. Jo Shields kindly wrote up a
> how-to guide detailing how to manually upgrade the ROM on the UK HTC
> Hero to Android 2.1. I followed this and am using the VanillaDroid ROM
> which works very nicely. I'm now able to use some of the applications
> (such as Google Goggles) that previously were unavailable to me in
> 1.5.
> http://forums.hexus.net/mobile-phones-accessories/186335-htc-hero-custom-rom-guide.html#post1927569

Thanks for that Alan - I'm in exact same position: still running 1.5 
that my Hero came with.

Even ROM has not been updated - T-Mobile doesn't want to know, as I have 
unbranded SIM-free version, not their customised one, and I don't have 
Windows box to update it here myself.

What is the best backup app to take care of all the installed programs 
and settings (contacts and calendar are on Google anyway)? Or is it best 
to reinstall and re-apply settings? Probably is ... :~/


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