[ubuntu-uk] Media Centre Advice

Simon Swaysland simon.swaysland at gmail.com
Thu May 13 09:28:57 BST 2010

> I have the Revo running Karmic with XBMC and the Keysonic keyboard. It's
> a pretty good solution, and only has occasional digital audio output
> issues which require restarting XBMC.
> I plan to replace the Keysonic with a PS3 remote and bluetooth dongle
> and mount the Revo on the rear of the television. Eventually. Right now,
> it ain't broke.
> I am happy to assist in the setup, but really Google found all the
> howtos for me.
> Kind regards,
> travis
Thanks everyone for your help and advice, much appreciated.

Just out of interest, does anyone have any experience of running a media
centre on a Dell Zino HD? They look quite cool, plus they have a DVD player
built in.


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