[ubuntu-uk] Mums, Was: Ubuntu UK Science Museum Visit - WiFi Available!

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On 25 March 2010 12:37, Thomas Ibbotson <thomas.ibbotson at gmail.com>
> Are these personalised screencasts or are they freely available?

I'm not sure whether to make them public or not to be honest. I've
made some decisions about her desktop which people might disagree
with. For example I've installed Picasa as the photo manager rather
than F-Spot, and Thunderbird as the mail client and Chromium instead
of Firefox as the default browser.

If I do make them public they'll likely not be on
screencasts.ubuntu.com but on some other site, maybe my blog, I don't
know yet.


I would fully agree with your choices there. I've never liked f-spot,
always much preferred Digikam. Although Picasa is also very good.

Firefox is always very slow to load and consumes lots of memory for me.
I get better performance running the windows version through wine, so I
use Chrome everywhere.

Personally I prefer kmail as my client, but for a Gnome desktop
Thunderbird is much nicer to use than Evolution.

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