[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu UK Science Museum Visit - WiFi Available!

Joe O'Dell 09jodell at samwhit.org.uk
Wed Mar 24 16:16:29 GMT 2010

That is very true, but I was thinking more of someone like yourself pulling out a laptop for a quick 5 minutes and saying "look at this [om nom nom explain here]"

But yes, I can understand - It was more of a "its there if you need it" rather than a "we have to use it".

As you said yourself, it's just my 2p

Joe O'Dell
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On 24 Mar 2010, at 14:08, Alan Pope wrote:

> On 24 March 2010 13:55, Joseph O'Dell <09jodell at samwhit.org.uk> wrote:
>> Alan - I can understand, but i'm sure there is going to be something that
>> makes us go "I wish we'd bought laptops", so it's just a safe guard!
> Sure, I just have experience of attending a fair few events. At 'geek'
> events where computers are intended to be used such as install-fests
> or Bug Jams it's common to see people with their heads-down not
> talking to each other because they're on IRC/IM/twitter on their
> laptop. Indeed at many geek fests people sit _next_ to eachother and
> talk on IRC rather than talk in real life. It's quite sad.
> At social gatherings - such as this - it makes less sense to provision
> such facilities because it stops people talking to each other. Part of
> the whole idea behind social gatherings is to get to know each other
> and socially interact.
> Just my 2p.
> Cheers,
> Al.
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