[ubuntu-uk] Laptops

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Fri Mar 12 21:53:30 GMT 2010

Alan Lord (News) wrote:
> On 12/03/10 21:00, Rob Beard wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> Well the time has come where my mum and step-dad have decided to get on
>> t'internet so they're looking for a laptop.  They were planning on
>> getting me to go with them to PC World to help choose one, but I've
>> convinced them to hang fire for a week so I can look into what is out there.
> Just a question. Do they actually want a laptop? Might a desktop be more 
> suitable? (Bigger screen, more permanent, etc etc.)
Yep, unfortunately they are limited for space and haven't got room for a 
computer desk (even a small one), all they have is a very small dining 
table.  Shame really as i would have given them a PC otherwise.

I have tried to convince them to buy a nice big HD TV and maybe 
something like an Aspire Revo but they declined on that one (might be 
due to the idea I'd go over more often to watch telly).
> If it is a lappy, then I doubt that it really matters much. I have a 
> nice 15" from Novatech (It's a re-branded Clevo) which has lasted a 
> couple of years so far and seems fine.
> Novatech have the added advantage that they will sell you a machine 
> *without* Windows (or any OS) if you don't want it. And I'm assuming you 
> don't want it asking on here. ;-)
Yep, I believe Acer will give you a refund if you send it back to their 
repair centre so they can remove the sticker (god knows why!).  Luckily 
the Acer repair centre is 30 miles down the road, although I don't know 
if they allow visitors.

I'll have a look at Novatech's site anyway.
> My own experience would tend me to look for models with Nvidia Graphics, 
> just because they seem to work the most reliably with Ubuntu from my own 
> experience.
Hmmm, I was a bit doubious of NVidia graphics on notebooks after the 
Bumpgate fiasco, although saying that my step daughter has a HP notebook 
with AMD CPU and NVidia graphics which is still working okay (although 
it does run VERY hot).
> If you end up buying a machine with Windows which you do not need, do 
> ensure you exercise your rights and get the OS cost refunded.
Yep will do.  I figured having Windows on there would mean I'd have to 
support it, make sure their anti-virus/anti-spyware etc is up to date, 
keep it maintained etc.

I figured since I'm going to have to demonstrate it to them and set it 
all up, I can start with a clean slate, they can have Ubuntu from the 
get go.

Next task is finding broadband, although they do subscribe to Sky and 
Easynet/UKOnline/Sky have equipment in their local exchange so I believe 
they can get 2 Meg broadband for free if they subscribe to Skytalk for 
12 months, or 10Mbit for a fiver a month.  I'm sure that would do them 


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