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Tommy Pyatt tommy.pyatt at googlemail.com
Sat Mar 6 00:08:22 GMT 2010

Thanks to everyone for your thoughtful responses. Especially to Tony, I
found the Addonics NAS model for sale on amazon UK for a reasonable price
which specifies Samba compatibility in the product description. If I am
unable to get good speeds using the netbook and NFS then I will most likely
give it a go.

In response to Markie's question I tested the access speed of the drive on
the netbook using dd and managed to get a speed of 16.6MB/s on a transfer of
100MB test data, which is slow-ish but acceptable for a netbook and would
have been sufficient for what I wanted to do. I am pretty sure that the
problem is with the network, and I will try a few more diagnostics.

Thanks again,


On 5 March 2010 22:31, David King <linuxman at avoura.com> wrote:

> A NAS is a Network Attached Storage, i.e. it is attached to your
> Network, not to your PC. If your PC is attached to the same network,
> then you can access it via samba from your Ubuntu PC.
> I also had a NAS, which I originally set up under Windows XP, I thnk it
> had to be configured via a web interface, which was on a computer
> running XP (or was it a special piece of software I installed, I cannot
> recall now), back in the days before I ever even had heard of Ubuntu. It
> was a Linksys NSLU2.
> It has 2 USB ports, which both had hard drives attached to them via IDE
> to USB adapters. Both were formatted, by the NAS, using ext2 or ext3.
> But in more recent times, one of the hard drives died and I can no
> longer get the data off it, having tried everything I could think of.
> But so long as you can attach hard drives to the NAS, then it is a
> useful device for having extra storage space on your network, if you do
> not want to attach the drives to your PC or have more than 1 PC
> accessing the same files.
> Although file transfers via the ethernet are slow compared to having the
> drive directly plugged into the PC.
> And I think that most NAS drives run a modified Linux OS inside them, so
> if you can hack into it you can add more functionality. I have heard of
> people using them for print servers.
> They seem to be very cheap now, so go for one that has enough USB ports
> and can be configured via a web interface.
> David King
> Tommy Pyatt wrote:
> > Hello everyone,
> >
> > I've been trying to use my old Eee PC 701 as a server on my home
> > network for data on a 1TB external USB hard drive, however for some
> > reason files are being transferred painfully slow to my desktop via
> > samba. I am considering giving NFS a go to see if I can achieve faster
> > transfers, but I also remembered seeing a NAS adapter for USB storage
> > a while back.
> >
> > Here's an example of which, from MicroDirect
> >
> http://www.microdirect.co.uk/home/product/38589/Single-Port-USB-NAS-Adapter
> >
> > The spec mentions that this product (as do many other NAS-USB
> > adapters) 'only supports XP or Vista'. Does anyone have any experience
> > on using these sort of things on Ubuntu? Specifically I wanted to know
> > whether I will be able to use samba to access the share that it
> > creates and how the speed will compare to using NFS on my old netbook.
> >
> > I am using Karmic on my desktop and Karmic NBR on the netbook. Any
> > response would be greatly appreciated, thanks,
> >
> > Tommy
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