[ubuntu-uk] Installing Ubuntu 64 on basic laptop

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Sat Jul 24 13:21:12 BST 2010

  On 24/07/2010 13:14, Alan Bell wrote:
> on the other hand, I use 64bit on a few machines. Works just fine for
> me, flash and all. I don't think it makes a massive difference though,
> you could do either.
I had no end of problems with 64-Bit Ubuntu, I ended up going back to 
32-Bit.  No doubt I'll probably re-visit it though in the future when I 
have time.
> There is probably an argument that everyone should move in a 64bit
> direction so that one day the 32 bit build can be dropped (you can't
> upgrade from 32bit to 64bit without a reinstall) if you want to keep
> your install forever, just upgrading each time and upgrading the
> hardware as you go, then I would start with 64bit.
On the other hand it's no biggie to reinstall keeping your home 
directory contents.  Personally I have my home directory on a separate 
partition.  No doubt eventually 32-Bit support will be dropped, but on 
the other hand that will also cause a whole load of machines (pre-AMD64 
AMD chips and pre-EM64T Intel chips) to loose support for the OS.  To be 
fair though I suppose that most people with servers these days probably 
have 64-Bit capable CPUs and desktops and notebooks that aren't 64-Bit 
capable are probably getting on a bit now (easily 4 to 5 years old I'd 
guess) so maybe in a couple of years these sort of machines are probably 
going to be retired anyway.


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