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Paul Sutton zleap at zleap.net
Sun Jan 31 21:05:59 GMT 2010

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Jonathon Fernyhough wrote:
> On 31 January 2010 17:28, Paul Sutton <zleap at zleap.net> wrote:
>> Er you need the backing of parents to allow their kids in to a chat
>> room,  we need to educate everyone,  what you said here implies that
>> "mums" are computer illiterate.
> I hate to tell you this, but most parents haven't got a clue what
> their children are doing on their laptops in their rooms. Even schools
> have limited control over what pupils can view - while they can
> restrict access via the school system pupils just go onto their phones
> (and yes, access Facebook et al via mobile web) during
> breaks/lunchtimes.

I know, i was just interpreting waht you said about "mums" perhaps a
little too literally,
> Remember - we're conversing about FOSS software via a mailing list. We
> aren't General Ignorant Users, or even General Intelligent Users.
> We're Subject Experts.

>> I think the idea that one particular group don't know what an operating
>> system is or the assumption that someone doesn't know could be seen as
>> rather patronising,  lets treat people as if the  there are young female Linux users out there,  who may well one day
>> become these mums you are talking about.
> I wasn't referring to one particular group - I was referring to the
> General Ignorant User. This group exists for all products/services.
> Think about cars, or consumer electronics.Yes, Mums as a group is a
> sweeping generalisation (and I thought I'd deleted that bit). However,
> if you go into PC World to buy a pink laptop then all you ask is
> whether it's wireless or not. And whether it has the internet.

Ok i see your point.
>> What is needed is to ensure
>> that people understand in P L A I N   E N G L I S H  what an operating
>> system is.  Something even I find it hard to explain without starting to
>> use tech speak.
> I hate to go into Prensky here but we're at a border between adoption
> stages. There are two sets of consumers, with two different
> approaches. Digital Natives already use computers and are comfortable
> using them (downloading, ripping, burning, installing). GIUs are
> generally Digital Migrants, if that. A different approach is needed as
> they are much less confident in using computers, very worried about
> "breaking something". Installing a new OS is hardly a safe thing to
> do, especially if what they have already works fine (and cost doesn't
> come into it - Windows was free with the laptop).
> Anyhow, this doesn't help in making a TV-style advert!
> Oh - get Canonical to run a competition in schools with a prize and exhibition.

On the above,  good point, lets refocus on our objective
> Jonathon

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Paul Sutton

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