[ubuntu-uk] Lucid Lynx TV Advert

CShadowRun lists at cshadowrun.com
Sun Jan 31 14:55:01 GMT 2010

Harry Rickards wrote:
> On 31 January 2010 14:50, CShadowRun <lists at cshadowrun.com> wrote:
> <snip>
>> I don't think shots of IRC or the forum would be that good, there's alot
>> of negative stigma around "Chat rooms" and "Online forums" unfortunately :(
> What about someone sending an email to the mailing list?
That could work.
I don't know much on how the mailing lists work, would the user need to 
subscribe before mailing? Or could we have a simple address they could 
email, and then they would be automagically subscribed to their single 
thread. So it would be like a support query.

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