[ubuntu-uk] Lucid Lynx TV Advert

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Sun Jan 31 14:50:58 GMT 2010

Jonathon Fernyhough wrote:
> On 31 January 2010 14:40, Michael Douglas <mehall at mehall.co.cc> wrote:
>> BSoD look-a-like, followed by user calling support. Advert uses the user on
>> hold to support throughout, but cutting to an Ubuntu user jumping online,
>> forums, IRC, etc, fixing it quickly. Tagline: "Ubuntu. Community at work."
> Ubuntu BSoDs?
> But yes, how about just a box saying "A problem has occurred. Please
> contact your system administrator." with a user at home drinking a cup
> of tea. They look around - who? How may people watching will have had
> the same problem? Not our Ubuntu-runner! Typing into an IRC window,
> "Hey, I have a problem. Can anyone help?" Answer, a second later:
> "Sure! What's up?"
> Only thing to get right here is a problem that a home user might have
> - Linux apps don't tend to crash randomly.
> Jonathon
I don't think shots of IRC or the forum would be that good, there's alot 
of negative stigma around "Chat rooms" and "Online forums" unfortunately :(

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