[ubuntu-uk] [marketing] Heads up - Government wants FOSS

Steve yorvik.ubunto at googlemail.com
Fri Jan 29 23:45:10 GMT 2010

On Fri, 29 Jan 2010 23:13:30 -0000, Paul Sutton <zleap at zleap.net> wrote:

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>> I fear it may take a long, long time for things to get moving.  They  
>> still
>> haven’t got round to sorting a minor problem on the Job Centre systems.
>> They can’t print £ and haven’t for nearly ten years.
> Talking of jobcentre plus the new job search facility uses direct.gov
> (yuk)  I have to search bytown now before I could
> use chekc boxes for catagory
> select sub catagories within 5 chosen
> enter post code + distance
> and have it come up with jobs
> now its far far more complex,  and half the time fails to come up with
> anything.
> Oh well,
> I don't even know if the old job search pages are still there.
> Paul
> I don't care how good they claim direct.gov is,  my experience has been
> dire, so will try and go elsewhere. if that is actually possible.
> - --
> Paul Sutton
> www.zleap.net
I was pat of a group that got to test it before it went live, many years  
ago, most of the things we complained about are still the things people  
complain about now.  Part of it is to do with the fact that every job has  
to fit in a specific category and can’t turn up in several different  
ones.  So one person says a FLT drivers job is driving another says it’s  
warehouse and another puts it as skilled because a special licence is  


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