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Sean Miller <sean at seanmiller.net>:
> I did the Woking thing when I went to the Linux show at
> Olympia 2 a few years back and it was a nightmare... had to
> change at Guildford and then again at Clapham Jn. and the
> train stopped at about 300 stations in between (places like
> Cobham and whatever) so I somehow don't think I'll follow
> that particular strategy ;-)

If you had to go from Woking to London via Guildford, something was seriously stuffed up somewhere. In all[1] my years of commuting Woking->London, I've only once had to go via Guildford, and that was when a fatality on the line shut the entire section and everything had to be diverted.

> Perhaps I just caught the London Train System on a "bad
> day"... the train was also one of those old ones that
> Sherlock Holmes used to travel in, with little apartments and
> a corridor...

I used to quite like those. Better than South West Trains' current stock, with all the "mod cons", I think.

"Tell me, Holmes," I remarked as we settled into our uncomfortable seats, "how is it that you manage to maintain those remarkable powers of concentration in the face of these irritating announcements constantly playing over the loudspeaker?"
My companion languidly stretched out his long legs as far as the cramped surroundings would allow. "In truth, Watson, I do find them somewhat distracting. That woman's voice grates on the ears as badly as that bogus 'opera singer's' that we put away in '73. If I had my pipe or my violin with me, I dare say I should find thinking easier."
I smiled. "My dear Holmes, I dare say. But you know as well as I do that smoking has not been allowed on these trains for years, and as for your violin, I fear that our fellow passengers would frown upon your playing it here, even if we were not sitting in the 'quiet carriage'."

 - "A Study in Southwark"

[1] All right, both.

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