[ubuntu-uk] Possible Training Events

Paul Sutton zleap at zleap.net
Thu Jan 21 22:53:53 GMT 2010

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> Sods law though, after having hardly any work over the past couple of 
> months, I've just started contracting, so I've had to put my plans on 
> hold somewhat.
> Rob

I am sure once we get this rolling though (when you are free) then we
may get more support, and it's less pressure on you.

Hopefully if we get reach out to Local young people that use Linux etc,
 they may want to get involve.

I am hoping to do that with DFEY,  so it brings more young people
together who are interested in free software etc.

Perhaps if you put together an info poster about what you want to do,
proposals, aims, objectives etc,  it can be circulated to places and we
can see what support we can generate,   either get people to join the
lug or join #dfey (or both if age range permits) and take it from there.

I have got heathwize to send me some of their flyers,  in return I am
sending them some on the lighthouse (poster) dfey, ubuntu, freesoftware
adn the lug, to hand out to young people, I have also invited the lady I
was e-mailing to the next lug meet in Feb.

I think we need to reach out to the techie community,

Hopefully something will come from all that.

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