[ubuntu-uk] Possible Training Events

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Thu Jan 21 21:25:00 GMT 2010

Bruno Girin wrote:
> On Thu, 2010-01-21 at 17:22 +0000, Rob Beard wrote:
> [snip]
>> Something else which might be worth mentioning, a friend of mine in our local LUG came up with an idea of doing a complete training course, for a small fee to cover room hire we were looking at providing a free PC running Ubuntu.  We'd take the trainees through installing Ubuntu, using it (general use and administration) and then at the end of the course they could take the PC home and keep it.
>> Granted this did require a donation of PCs, in this case my friend had been given a number of P3 and P4 PCs but it turned out that the catch was he wasn't alowed to give them away to anyone in the UK due to a potential comeback on the organisation who supplied the PCs.
>> Still with all the new rules on electronics disposal, and the positive press, maybe some of us may be able to get donations of old PCs from businesses as they upgrade.  Just a thought.
> This sounds like what Free Geeks in the US do: http://www.freegeek.org/
> And apparently the Blackpool LUG and computer club do something similar:
> http://www.pcrecycler.co.uk/club/node/73
> Maybe it'd be worth asking those guys for advice to know what works and
> what doesn't?
> Bruno
Could be worth asking.  I've been mulling over trying to setup something 
along the lines of Free Geek in my local area.  My wife is currently 
doing voluntary work for a local 'social enterprise' who make soaps and 
things (bath bombs, moisturiser) from all natural ingredients.  Being a 
social enterprise I gather they are not for profit and take on 
volunteers in the area who gain retail and business experience.

I believe they were funded by an organisation called Groundworks, not 
sure if it's South West specific.

I had a chat with the wife's boss and she thought it was a great idea.  
I figured it would be a good way of recycling old computers (I have done 
some of this by reusing old PCs in LTSP installations for a community 
centre in Exeter, and a new project we're working on in our local LUG 
for a charity music cafe in Paignton).

Sods law though, after having hardly any work over the past couple of 
months, I've just started contracting, so I've had to put my plans on 
hold somewhat.


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