[ubuntu-uk] Wireless nas box maybe

Alan Pope alan at popey.com
Thu Jan 21 10:05:15 GMT 2010

2010/1/21 Dave Morley <davmor2 at davmor2.co.uk>:
> Is anyone looking for a wireless nas box if so try
> http://www.serversplus.com/product.asp?s=NPACE-STEASUK642&utm_source=SP_Eshot&utm_medium=email&utm_content=NasBox&utm_campaign=sp_nasbox_eshot
> Looks like a nice box, I don't know though.  Maybe people in the know
> can tell if it's any good :)

That certainly is a neat looking device. Could be squirreled away
somewhere safe as a backup box on the LAN. Useful if you ever got
broken into and had machine(s) stolen.

It runs Linux too :)


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