[ubuntu-uk] Possible Training Events

Bruno Girin brunogirin at gmail.com
Wed Jan 20 00:38:55 GMT 2010

On Tue, 2010-01-19 at 18:43 +0000, Matthew Daubney wrote:


> > Beginners are not the easiest people to teach to. I would suggest
> > starting with some moderately advanced topics like "how to package an
> > app for Ubuntu".
> I was hoping to avoid this if possible. There is a _lot_ of stuff on 
> these already, and people who want to learn this know where to look and 
> are generally happy with whats there. What I wanted to tackle was those 
> people who are uncomfortable with IRC and following web tutorials and 
> it's ilk. These people (I believe) will be the really basic beginners. I 
> was hoping to tackle a little bit of converting people through education 
> type stuff by running these events as well, but thats a secondary aim.

That's exactly the point for a training trial run: choose a subject that
is reasonably well documented so that we have material. On the other
hand, people who are aware of IRC and online tutorials but are not
comfortable with them could be a good target: they know about Ubuntu,
want to use it but need a bit of help.

> I know it's more difficult, but I honestly believe this is the more 
> worthwhile path to follow. Please feel free to argue at me the other way 
> though :) The more views the better as far as I'm concerned.

I agree with you, it's the most interesting and worthwhile path to
follow but starting with something simpler doesn't preclude having this
as the long-term plan.

What I would really like to do eventually is basic programming
workshops, a bit like the old computer clubs of when I was a child (at a
time when the home computer was called Amstrad CPC or Commodore C64): it
was a great way to get people (kids especially) interested in computers
as you would show them how fun it could be when you knew the basics of
programming. Other fun stuff we could do are themed workshops like how
to create a 3D scene with Blender.


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