[ubuntu-uk] Ubuntu Hour in the UK

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Tue Jan 19 15:15:07 GMT 2010

Quoting Paul Sutton <zleap at zleap.net>:

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> Rob Beard wrote:


>> That sounds like a great idea, I bet something like that could work at
>> LUG meetings, or in our case down in Torbay, possibly at one of
>> Paignton's new venues which will hopefully in the next couple of months
> They would like this sorted ASAP, so by Feb if possible, From talking to
> tyrone the sooner the better.  As it will be a source of income for them
> which at present is lacking, the cafe will bring people in for a start.
> I can't help on the server side, i don't know anything about servers,
> apart from they are bigger and more powerful than desktops so they can
> do more stuff and provide different services to the internal / external
> network.

Servers don't have to be bigger or more powerful than deskops, my home  
server is only a P4 3GHz with 2GB Ram and lots of hard drives.  If I  
could afford it I'd replace it with a nice small Atom based machine  
(actually with the savings in power alone could possibly pay for  
itself in a year).

>> get an Ubuntu based internet cafe.  I dare say having an Ubuntu hour
>> there would be good as not everyone going to the venue in Paignton would
>> be there as part of the LUG so it might be possible to spread the word
>> to others.
> Plus they are already ubuntu orientated.

Yep this venue I mention above will hopefully be running an Ubuntu  
based LTSP installation.

Being a 'music cafe' they might even be able to do some African themed  
music and sell cans of Ubuntu cola :-D

I'm hoping we can get the LTSP installation installed by April, then  
with any luck we could hold a local Ubuntu release party :-)


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