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Paul Sutton zleap at zleap.net
Mon Jan 18 19:42:32 GMT 2010

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> I believe that the course content and arrangements are an issue that
> can be solved as required. I think the major question is - Who is
> going to, or wants to, attend?
> Maybe this is a chicken and egg situation with 'marketing'?

There is already a ubuntu desktop training course, surely any materials
can be based around this,  that way if someone then wants to undertake
the online ubuntu desktop training course they can do.

In fact it does not cost that much to do anyway, so why not charge a fee
that covers the online course bit,  plus a bit extra to cover the tutors
time, (that way you have tutor support), at the end of it you end up
with i guess a certificate to say you have completed that course.

no point in re-inventing the wheel

if you are to do informal courses,  then again base them on the course
requirements as the ubuntu desktop training manual is already written
and well known,.

Just an idea

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Paul Sutton

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