[ubuntu-uk] Not receiving emails - latest

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Thu Jan 7 18:50:52 GMT 2010

Des wrote:
> Thanks for previous tips.
> sadly still no emails from talktalk since 22 Dec
> I cancelled batch downloads and that semmed not to help.
> I tried a ping . Systam/Admin/Netools.
> to pop.talktalk.net
> and got five responses.  Does this mean that the server is up and
> working?
> I tried the Talktalk help phone line and was told that there is no
> support for Linux.  Wonderful service.
> I am using pop for receiving and smtp for sending.
> Any suggestions please?
According to the Talktalk web site, the POP server is mail.talktalk.net 
and the smtp server is smtp.talktalk.net

This guide for Outlook Express should point you in the right direction 
(at least for the mail server addresses)...


Or have a look at the Webmail that Talktalk have on their web site.  You 
may find you can use this to read your mail (this is what my Dad did 
after he had problems with Talktalk e-mail).


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