[ubuntu-uk] Not receiving emails - latest

Joe O'Dell joseph.odell at googlemail.com
Thu Jan 7 11:50:48 GMT 2010

I'm currently using talktalk too - although I havent dare ring up the support department because (and you may call this unfair) but all previous ISPs I have used, their support department is about as good as hitting your head against a brick wall.

I've only just joined this group, so I'm not sure what problem you're having - is it something to do with email? I've got a laptop with 8.04 that uses TalkTalk POP email - I'll see if I can help you!

If you want to email me, please feel free to at joseph.odell at googlemail.com


On 7 Jan 2010, at 11:45, Des wrote:

> Thanks for previous tips.
> sadly still no emails from talktalk since 22 Dec
> I cancelled batch downloads and that semmed not to help.
> I tried a ping . Systam/Admin/Netools.
> to pop.talktalk.net
> and got five responses.  Does this mean that the server is up and
> working?
> I tried the Talktalk help phone line and was told that there is no
> support for Linux.  Wonderful service.
> I am using pop for receiving and smtp for sending.
> Any suggestions please?
> Des
> Ubuntu 9.1
> evolution 
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