[ubuntu-uk] FW: Server shutting itself down or going into a deep sleep

Paul Elliott omahns.home at gmail.com
Tue Jan 5 16:32:38 GMT 2010

Hi Alex,

2010/1/5 Alexander Birchall <tengallonhat at hotmail.co.uk>:
> Neil suggested that in order to track down the cause of this problem, I
> should look in the log files, in particular dmesg or messages or syslog.  I

If the problem is disk or controller related you might find that the
error messages do not appear in any log files as the system no longer
has access to the disks at the time of the failure. In these cases
it's useful to enable remote syslogging. This simply sends all
specified log entries to a remote host so that even if the local disk
fails, we should still have some messages written on the remote
logging host. Directions for setting up a remote syslog host on Ubuntu
can be found here:


Having said all that, I think it's worth us having a look at the logs
you have first, assuming you're reasonably confident they contain no
sensitive information.

Thanks, Paul.

Paul Elliott (omahn)
omahns.home at gmail.com

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