[ubuntu-uk] [marketing] heads up Chinese XP Ubuntu

alan c aeclist at candt.waitrose.com
Mon Jan 4 19:08:31 GMT 2010

It may be of interest to know that an OS based on Ubuntu 9.10  has
been produced in Chinese.

Out of interest I have downloaded the iso, checked the md5sum, and run
the CD as live, with a few small guesses because I dont read Chinese.....

It  looks superficially like XP, although I have not explored further,
such as installed, my machine availability is bit limited at the moment.

As a Live CD the XP like login screen requires an input -  I guessed
Username:  ylmf
Password: (blank)


(chinese) (includes md5sum)
An interesting thing about the md5sum: the actual sum I calculated
shows the alpha characters as lower case, while the declared md5sum as
above shows the characters as upper case. Perhaps they are still using
an OS which does not differentiate. :-)

Relax with the English translation:

alan cocks
Ubuntu user

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