[ubuntu-uk] Spare partition - add to /home?

Jonathon Fernyhough j.fernyhough at gmail.com
Sun Feb 28 16:01:05 GMT 2010

On 28 February 2010 15:51, Bruno Girin <brunogirin at gmail.com> wrote:
>      * Setting it up so that it's transparent to applications like
>        fSpot or Rhythmbox may be complicated.

Two ways:

One, use a symbolic link. I have /home/me/music symlinked to
/media/ntfsdrive/audio/music, for example. It's easy with nautilus,
just click and drag while holding CTRL+SHIFT.
Two, mount the drive at a specified location, e.g. instead of
/media/xpdrive change /etc/fstab so it mounts at /home/me/xpdrive

I prefer having my large or static files (audio, video, isos, virtual
machine images) on an NTFS drive so I can access them in Windows (and
Mac) and easily defrag them as and when necessary.


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