[ubuntu-uk] Karmic won't boot with digital projector connected

Graham Smith myotisone at gmail.com
Mon Feb 15 10:55:29 GMT 2010


> Stepping back a little, what happens if you plug a projector in after the
> laptop has booted and logged in?

I did try that and nothing happens, ie no signal goes to the projector.

However searching for "external monitor" rather than digital projector
on google and Ubuntu forums has shown many people having similar
problems, with many, like my question to the Ubuntu forum, going

Where it was answered many varied and complex solutions were offered,
and it seems there is a bug report for karmic filed with it hopefully
getting fixed in Lucid.

One of the simplest solutions was to install "grandr" which gives a
simple gui interface (Multiple Screens item gets added to System|Admin
menu) to randr, and allows manual activation of the external display.
As always the success of the offered solutions seemed to vary, and  I
haven't had an opportunity to try this out yet.

> I would
> also look at how your laptop handles displays. Most laptops would have a
> switch between LCD and CRT, which is usually an alt function of one of the
> function keys.

Its Fn+F7 on the thinkpad, but that didn't do anything, but you may be
correct about the auto detect because while I remember needing to use
this when I had Windows XP on this thinkpad I can't remember needing
it since replacing Windows with Ubuntu.

Thanks for your help, if my Multiple Screens option works I will let you know.


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