[ubuntu-uk] Viral Videos - Who's actually interested?....Just another thought....

Rob Beard rob at esdelle.co.uk
Wed Feb 3 23:24:41 GMT 2010

John Matthews wrote:
> Thats something that I am thinking about all the time, but have no idea 
> how to implement. What is 'user management and kernel-mode
> support' supposed to do. If I am reading the first bit, is the user 
> management something to do with log in details? What the other bit is I 
> have no idea?
> How can you tell when you are being attacked? What is there, that is 
> easy to use to help prevent attacks, and monitor if you are being attacked.
> John
I believe Root Kit Hunter [1] is one such application which will scan 
for Root Kits which I believe can create back doors to systems.  I've 
not really looked at it much, but I believe it's one of those 
applications which helps guard against things that shouldn't be there.  
There is also Clam Anti-Virus which is a GPL'd Anti-Virus application 
which will scan for viruses (I've got it running on my mail server to 
pick up any Windows viruses before they get to my Inbox, not that I can 
really run them on Ubuntu, but hey it's better safe than sorry, last 
thing I want to do is accidentally forward a virus on to someone else).

[1] http://www.rootkit.nl/projects/rootkit_hunter.html


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